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When deciding to start playing poker you should take steps necessary to achieve effectiveness in the first games and produce a learning development. First poker player should begin by studying the rules and different Betting types that are supported, given that poker has several modes of play, it will be convenient to choose one that is simple Yde simple rules, such as the Texas Hold'em for example.

   Facts Of Women Poker

Poker is a game that has developed tremendously and there has been a wide range of changes in this game from past to present. And this game is becoming much more dynamic and much less structured then it was in past and more and more players are indulging in this game especially women players.

Well if we look back to the history of women players in 2007 Barbara Enright was the first ever women elected into the poker hall of fame and she was also the first and only women to make the World Series of the main event final table, and she won three WSOP bracelets. And if we are talking about women how can we forget Annie Duke who had finished 10th place in the 2000 WSOP while she was eight months pregnant. Annie holds the women’s record for “most in the money” finishes at the WSOP and as of 2008 her total live tournament exceeded $3, 6, 00, 000.

However seeing the statics and studies we can say that men only make a third of online poker players whereas a large number of women prefer to play the game in online sites. And one thing that you have to acknowledge is that the ratio of men to women is quite high actually taking 8:1 and therefore a woman is more likely to find herself as the only one in the table.

Men have been dominating in this industry for a long period of time but the picture is gradually changing as women have made some drastic development in this game. Women often only engage themselves in playing tournaments only for women because it helps them building a community limited to only women without having any kind of unwanted participation of men. This is really a bright picture for existing and aspiring women players.

Hence we can say that women are not far behind and have learned each and every aspect of this game and emerging slowly but steadily as a champion of this game.